Contact Me

if you or your business are in need of:

  • Digital product interface and/or experience design
  • A front-end developer who understands good design
  • Someone who can create exceptional static designs and prototypes
  • Someone who understands development, and who can properly deliver work to your existing development team in a way that causes the least amount of friction for everyone involved
  • Consultation before starting your next web or native application project
  • Clarification about services, frameworks, logistics, tools, and any other design / development jargon that makes you uncomfortably nod your head in agreement

and in the interest of everyone involved, you are not:

  • In need of something rushed or done “right away”
  • Shopping around for the lowest price
  • In need of a someone local
  • Unwilling for contractual terms to be equally accommodating
  • Uncomfortable with meeting your own deadlines when providing resources to allow the project to move forward

Thank you for visiting Spyder Haus Design. I am not accepting clients or new projects at this time.